Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jennifer Lopez's Twins Make Modeling Debut!

By Us Magazine | Thursday, October 21, 2010, 11:10 AM

Jennifer Lopez with her twins, Max and Emme
Us Magazine/Gucci
Oh, babies!

Jennifer Lopez's 2 1/2-year-old twins, Max and Emme, make their modeling debut as the faces of Gucci's new children's line — and has your first peek.

They appear in the ads along with mom.

"It's the first time I have worked with my kids in that way," Lopez, 40, tells the new Us Weekly (on newsstands now). "It was a totally special experience."

In honor of the collection (with pieces ranging from $80 to $1,600, in stores in November), Gucci donated $1 million to UNICEF's Schools for Africa initiative and $50,000 to Lopez's charity the Maribel Initiative, which promotes greater access to health care for women and children worldwide.

"It's exactly why I'm excited to be a part of this," says Lopez, who admits she and husband Marc Anthony were hesitant to have their kids participate until they learned of the charity connection. "Now there are two Gucci spokesbabies for a beautiful cause!"

Lopez tells Us the twins "had fun" posing.

"I did a photo shoot when they were 3 weeks old, but now that they are 2 1/2, it's totally different!" Emme is already showing signs of a fashionista.

Says mom, "Emme picks out her own outfits and likes to sleep in her princess dress." As for her son, Lopez admits, "It’s hard to get Max dressed. He prefers to run around the house with no clothes on."

Jennifer Lopez & Kids Model For Gucci & UNICEF - Photos

Unhear it and Start Anew

Ever get a song stuck in your head?  Sometimes it's a good tune and you're just happily going about your day singing softly to yourself, humming or whistling the ditty while you're out and about.  But then there are those dreaded times when you get a God-awful song stuck in your head and nothing... I mean absolutely nothing you do can erase the torturous lyrics from your brain!

Well now you can unhear it  ... yes you read that right - you can UNHEAR those torturous lyrics.

There's a website called UNHEAR IT (yes click the name whereever you see it in this blog and it will take you directly to their webiste) that will give you an equally catchy fun tune to replace the one you hate in your head.

Their motto:  "Using the latest in reverse-auditory-melodic-unstickification technology, we've been able to allow our users to “unhear” songs by hearing equally catchy songs. So really all we're doing is making you forget your old song by replacing it with another one... sorry."

I think this is a neat fun website... I have unheard some song stuck in my head from lunch - can't recall it now because now I have Under Presser stuck in my brain.  LOL

So check out and let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Plus Size Gals - get $50 off $50 or more purchase

Whether you wear a 12W or 44W - you can find something at Woman Within.  I can't vouch for the quality but what have you to lose?  It's $50 off $50 (or more) purchase so in rehetoric you're only paying for shipping... it's a great deal.

Use CODE 48580 at checkout - it's that simple.

If you purchase something - please come back and share your experience with us.  It will be greatly appreciated.

Friday, October 8, 2010

What Can You Get for $15? Something Awesome

What can you get for $15? Oh, just something awesome.

Darlybird Bag O' GoodiesIf you love deals and surprises, then you have to fly on over to CMP favorite Darlybird and snatch up one of their very limited and very discounted Bags O' Goodies.

Yes, a Bag O' Goodies.

Here's how it works: Pay $15 for your
Bag O' Goodies, and the web shop's own curator, Rachel, uses her exquisite taste to hand-pick at least $45 worth of accessories, stationery, vintage tags, and other adorable extras just for you. That's a 66% discount, mamas.

[don't miss a special CMP discount after the jump!]

Some of the goods are limited editions, some have never been listed, and some are one-of-a-kind. Rest assured that, as with the rest of the store, if you love whimsy, you're in very good hands; our readers who gave it a shot last year wrote to us thrilled with what they got.

How much do I love the concept? I just ordered one myself, and one of these gorgeous
vintage bracelets, too. I don't normally do what birds tell me to, but this little bird is onto something good.~Delilah
Order your Bag O' Goodies now (HURRY!) and check out the other whimsical finds from Darlybird. In fact, save 20% off all purchases except the grab bags (which are already cheap cheap) with code DARLYCMP.

Gap's New Logo Confuses But Also Outrages Many

New Gap logo mystifies customers

The many negative reactions include 'awkward' and 'very boring.' Now the company is soliciting other ideas.

Posted by TheStreet Staff on Friday, October 8, 2010 10:00 AM
Credit: (© Gap)
Caption: New Gap logoBy Kali Geldis, MainStreet

A new logo for the Gap (GPS) showed up on the iconic clothing retailer's website Wednesday, prompting a flurry of negative reactions from Facebook and Twitter users.

Though the company issued no comment Wednesday to explain the change, some site visitors were quick to label the new logo as "very boring, no imagination" and "awkward." One commentator said, "I made something better on WordArt today."

Another message read: "Dear Gap, I have but one query: Did you actually PAY someone to come up with this?" As customers soon discovered, it seems Gap doesn't want to pay for the redesign.

By Thursday morning, Gap's Facebook page was updated with this message: "We've had the same logo for 20+ years, and this is just one of the things we're changing. We know this logo created a lot of buzz and we're thrilled to see passionate debates unfolding! So much so we're asking you to share your designs. We love our version, but we'd like to see other ideas. Stay tuned for details in the next few days on this crowd sourcing project."

The comment outraged many professional designers.

"If you seriously intend to pursue a logo change, several firms specializing in this area should have been consulted," said Facebook commenter Jacqueline Turcotte Keefe, a designer from Wisconsin. "Don't insult your company and the design industry by throwing 'whatever' up against a wall and seeing what sticks. This is amature (sic) and so is the new logo."

Credit: (© Alan Diaz/AP)
Caption: Sign in Gap storeGap received the Brand of the Year and Retailer of the Year awards from the American Apparel & Footwear Association in May, prompting questions about why the company wanted to change its look in the first place. The old logo (pictured) remains on the company's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The First Supermodel Walks Runway Again (At 71)

How cool is that?  Finally some diversity on the runway.  I personally would love to see more variety on the runway both in ethnicities and especially regarding AGE!  Just because a woman is 35, 40, 45 or 50 doesn't mean she's not model or runway material - doesn't mean she's old and washed up - doesn't mean she's not beautiful and elegant.  Age is a number and personally as someone over 40 - I think I have a bit of a life and experience under my belt that makes me a much better person today than I was in my 20s.  Plus when I look through the magazines for wardrobe ideas, I really don't want to be trying to picture something on my curvy frame that is on a stick thin 17 year old.  Seriously - the idea of classic tailoring for work and fun for me is completely different from some 15, 16 or 18 year old.

Any woo, back to my original story about Veruschka and her debut on the runway at London's Fashion Week.

First Supermodel Walks Runway

71 year-old Veruschka proves beauty is ageless.

Posted by Kristin Larson Thursday, October 07, 2010 6:09:55 AM
Veruschka; Photo courtesy of Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images  LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 20:  A model walks the runway during the Giles Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show during LFW on September 20, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)   Original Filename: 104311597.jpg
The time when teenage, waif-thin models ruled the fashion scene may be over.

That was the sign when 71 year-old supermodel Veruschka walked the runway at
Giles Deacon's fantastic Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show during London Fashion Week (Bing: See photos of Veruschka's best modeling years)

Wearing a feather boa headdress and long, bow-print gown, the 1960s icon, considered the world's first supermodel, staged the finale—proving everyone can look fabulous at every age.

Deacon's brightly-colored show featured other star models too—and they weren't rail-thin like typical fashion shows.

The cast included bikini-clad Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolina Kurkova, sporting a short disco dress, and Kelly Brook, flaunting her voluptuous figure in a low-cut printed dress. Coco Rocha, who has taken a strong stance against too-skinny models, also made an appearance, wearing a stunning long brown floor-length dress.

Photo of Veruschka at Giles Deacon Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show courtesy of Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images.

Veruschka von Lehndorff Is London’s Top Model

Photo: Imaxtree

London's runways are typically a launch pad for newbies. In seasons past, Kirsi Pyrhonen, Julia Nobis, and Tati Cotliar all made their catwalk breakthrough via the Big Smoke's innovative shows. This season proved to be another story.

New Jersey's Kirby Kenny had a strong showing, opening for Erdem and House of Holland and closing for Sass & Bide. Runway fixture Lisanne de Jong hit it big this week when she opened for Burberry, while Burberry Beauty face Nina Porter closed out the show in the most memorable way possible. Good ol' Aggy opened for Giles, but it was the show's closer, the legendary 71-year-old Veruschka von Lehndorff, who takes the crown. Giles Deacon has a habit of dragging out some of fashion's most iconic faces for his shows, but booking Veruschka was easily his most impressive casting coup to date.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spaghetti Tacos Sweeping the Nation

It's what's for dinner if your kids have they say about it.

It is sweeping across kitchens every where due to it's reoccurance on the popular kid's show Nickelodeon

Spaghetti Tacos Sweeping the Nation

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rent A Polished Look for Your Next Event!

You thumb through the monthly fashion magazines, you watched with envy and love the items drolled out at the New York and Paris fashion shows and now you wistfully dream of wearing some of those fabulous creations.  Oh how you wish you could wear them to this event or that event... but the hard reality is with your modest salary - everything high-end is just beyond your reach unless you skip next month's rent/mortgage, shave the utilities and cut out the eating part of your life for a month or two...which won't happen because priorities, priorities, priorities.  Not to mention you're level headed, you're smart and best of all you're one savvy shopper!

BUT NOW!!!  These frocks are within your reach - they're just a mouse click away as the neatest concept ever has come to your computer screen! You can now rent a designer item without having to scrimp and save and best of all - you don't have to fret over facing the sales lady when you return it, knowing you only wore for one night!

How?  Well you can RENT it instead of buying it and you can rent the perfect handbag to go with it as well!  Below I tell you how, give you the break down and let you decide for yourself if it's something worthwhile.  I will try both in the near future so I can give you my honest take on my experience with both venues.

[Note that any time you see words in RED - you can click on that word or section to be taken immediately to the website being discussed]


If you watched the movie Sex and The City, you without a doubt heard Carrie's assistant state that she rented her bag from Bag, Borrow or Steal.

Well it wasn't just a movie statement.  It is an actual company has been around for a few years.  I heard about them some years ago, looked around but didn't put much notion into it.  Now years later, they're still around with a very successful business!  It speaks volumes to be featured and talked about in a movie!  So I once again am browsing around the site.

They have handbags by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, D&G, Chloe, Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Valentino and YSL.  Jewelry by Chanel, Trina Turk, Fendi, Gucci and Tiffany & Co.  Sunglasses by Chanel, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Prada and Tom Ford.  Watchers by Chanel, Gucci, Juicy Couture, Toywatch and Michael Kors.  These are just a few of the names in a long list of designers that Bag, Borrow or Steal has available.

At Bag, Borrow or Steal, you can rent a designer handbag, sell your designer handbag, have it repaired & cleaned or even buy a slightly used designer handbag.  Their site has designer handbags (of course), jewelry, sunglasses, watchers, and features Hot Picks, Designers and gives you New Arrivals, as well.  They even have daily private sales at prices up to 70% off!


But the renting doesn't stop there.  Now you can rent that favorite dress from the runway or your favorite fashion magazine!  That's right now you can rent that gorgeous designer dress at Rent The Runway.  There are over 95 designers to choose from for every "black tie gala, wedding, date, holiday or night on the town at 90% off retail prices."  Plus, they rent jewelry that will compliment your dress.

You can even choose by body type!  How is that for a smart cool feature?!

It seems relatively simple - enter your event, size and shipping address.  Each dress will have a calendar that shows availability (in white) and unavailable dates (in gray).

Not sure what size you need.  Don't fret, you get a back up size for FREE!  So problem solved!  Not sure if you need a 6 or an 8.  Well you can specify a different size will be your back up.  Best of all - your back up size is FREE!

Can't pick between two (2) different styles?  Well no problem there either!  You can order a second style for an additional $25!!  

But wait, can it be - yep, return shipping is absolutely FREE!  Yes, FREE!  You just have to return it the day after your event is over in their prepaid packaging!  They even take care of the dry cleaning!!!

What if you damage the dress you ask?  Well don't fret, the $5 insurance charge covers any potential damage to the dress!  Seriously, probably the best $5 you will ever spend!

They have a full money back satisfaction guarantee policy as they built their business for smart savvy shoppers like you and ME so we can try new brands and new trends...and feel like the beautiful princesses that we are!

So the next special night out or event you have coming up - don't fret about having to run to various stores for something special to wear.  Rent The Runway has designer names such as Alice + Olivia, Badgley Mischka, Blugirl, Catherine Malandrino, Diane von Furstenberg (my favorite!), Gryphon, Herve Leger, Just Cavalli (my favorite!), Missoni (another favorite), Moschino Cheap and Chic, Nicole Miller, Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti, Proenza Schouler, Robert Rodriguez (both Black Label and Collection), See by Chloe, Tibi, Theory, Tracy Reese and Yigal Azrouel to name a few.

So remember, the next time you have a special event coming up and need to look smashing, your designer look is simply a mouse click away - and all you have to worry about is what shoes you will wear!

Friday, October 1, 2010

One website takes a screwdriver to Apple's latest gadget and finds a chunk of storage.

Posted by Kim Peterson on Thursday, September 30, 2010 4:35 PM
Credit: Apple CEO Steve Jobs displays the new AppleTV at news conference in San Francisco, Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2010  (© Paul Sakuma/AP)
One of the most notable features in Apple's (AAPL) new Apple TV device is the storage -- or, more specifically, the lack of storage. That's one reason the device, which brings online video to your television, is so tiny and affordable.

The previous Apple TV had a 160GB hard drive, but Apple now wants people to rent movies and TV shows instead of buying them, thus eliminating the need for storage.

Or so we thought. The tech website iFixit got hold of the new gadget and took it apart -- only to find 8 gigabytes of storage space included.

Why would the we-don't-need-no-stinkin'-storage Apple TV have an 8GB Flash chip? The iFixit guys think it's to cache TV shows while they're being streamed. A perfectly reasonable explanation, but you don't need 8GB for that.

What else is the mystery storage for?
The Wall Street Journal speculates that when you combine that storage with the Apple TV's operating system, you open the door for future applications.

Perhaps Apple is planning an App Store for Apple TV? The company has given no hint of this, of course. Even if that doesn't happen, all of the ingredients are there for hackers to jump in with their own programs.

One thing is clear: Putting that much storage on the device shows that Apple has some bigger plans for Apple TV.

Gymboree stock surges on possible sale

An analyst says strong cash flow, a healthy balance sheet and good brand recognition could make the children's apparel company an attractive acquisition.

Posted by TheStreet Staff on Friday, October 1, 2010 12:34 PM
By Jeanine Poggi, TheStreet

Gymboree's (GYMB) stock is surging on rumors that the children's apparel retailer may put itself up for sale.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday night that the retailer is exploring a possible sale to private investors.

"Given strong cash flow generation, a healthy balance sheet, core brand recognition and growth potential, Gymboree represents a palatable potential private transaction," Susquehanna analyst Thomas Filandro wrote in a note.

Filandro upped his price target on the stock to $60 from $48.

Shares of Gymboree were soaring 16.1% to $48.24 in midday trading and driving up shares of rival Children's Place (PLCE), which was gaining 5.3% to $51.35.