Monday, December 13, 2010

Great Fashion for My "Average" Size Gals

As you know, I'm a reseller.  I sell on eBay, eCrater & Bonanza.  Today I wanted to share a few of the beautiful items I got on consignment from a new client.  These are listed on  eBay, eCrater & Bonanza but I have a lot more to list in the upcoming weeks as I want to have at least 90% of my client's items listed by Christmas.

        NWT Bigio Chocolate Dress 16                NWOT Dana Buchman Tweed Coat 14


NWOT Dana Buchman Tweed Jacket 14            NWT Margaret Godfrey Suede Skirt 12


 NWT SOCA by St. John Zebra Silk Blouse XL     NWT St. John Sport Corduroy Pants 14

NWT Lilly Pulitzer Adeline Skirt 14                       NWT Chico's Silk Italian Cliffside Jacket M/L

Let The Give Aways Begin - After Christmas

Let's kick off 2011 right - GIVE AWAYS, GIVE AWAYS, GIVE AWAYS!!!

Woo Hoo!  Now that we officially have more than ten (10) followers we can let the give aways commence. 

What do you have to do to win?  Just come follow my blog and interact here, on Facebook or Twitter for your chance to win one of the many great prizes to be given away.  There will be handbags, wallets, jewelry, clothing, gift cards, etc.

Want an extra chance to win?  Refer followers to my blog, Facebook & Twitter (have to follow all 3) for an extra chance to win something special.  Just tell your referrals to post to this post with your name (your name here or Facebook/Twitter names).  The most will get a special prize.  If you are also the big winner for the drawing - you'll get two (2) prizes or I'll upgrade your win prize (I'll let you chose the 2 or the upgrade).

So get out there, spread the word and let's get this party going!  Woo hooo.......


Sunday, December 12, 2010

For the animal lover in you or your family - Great Stocking Stuffers

When we shop, we often do not even think of where our money goes or what the company may do or fund.   I think we should all think about it from time to time and spend our money where it matters.

I see a lot of items around the holidays large and small. But once  in awhile I'll come across something that I find unique and love to  share with my friends and now that I have the blog, can share with  everyone who comes to my blog.

No only are these so cute, unique and cool, but the money you spend here also goes straight to fund Food for Shelter Animals.  It's a WIN/WIN for everyone!

Shop where it matters:

The Animal Rescue Site - Orders Fund Food For Shelter Animals!
"Love Me, Love My Dog" Spinning Steel Ring
On Sale Was $14.95, now $4.95

The  dog lover's clever solution to fidgety fingers -- a unique ring within a  ring that is as durable as your enduring love for your pet. The subtle  purple paw pattern shows your support for animals in shelters and  sanctuaries with every spin.

"Love me, love my dog" appears  around the center band of sturdy stainless steel, with our signature  enamel purple paw print at the end. Inner band allows the engraved band  to spin freely.

Materials: stainless steel. Choose U.S. ring size  6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. For conversions to other countries' ring sizes, see  our Ring Sizes Page.

"Pets Leave Paw Prints" Heart Necklace
On Sale! Was $15.95, now $7.95!

Your  companion animals are part of your very heart and soul. Our  eye-catching pendant proclaims this happy affliction in signature style.

Custom-designed  asymmetrical heart reads "Paw prints on my heart" on one side, and on the other. A small signature purple paw  charm is attached to the extender.

Silver-tone pendant measures 1.25" L (3.2 cm) and comes on an 18" (45 cm) faux suede necklace with a 3" extender (7.6 cm).

"All My Children Have Paws" Bracelet
On Sale! Was $14.95, now $8.95!

They also ship Internationally!

For bulk pricing on these and other items, please contact our Customer Service department at

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The most counterfeited brands of the season—and how to avoid getting ripped off.

by Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff, on Thu Dec 9, 2010 10:50am PST
Luxury items from big-name brands are ultra-popular  holiday gifts, but with so many impostors out there, it's extra important to be sure you're buying the real thing. Shopping online places greater distance between you and your purchase (which allows serious room for scams), but these days it's even tricky to spot a counterfeit item in person. The online consumer site SiteJabber has put together a list of the top 10 counterfeit items and brands for the holiday season. If you're looking to buy any of the goods listed below, you'll want to be extra careful about where you buy the item and examine it closely or check the store's return policy before you commit.
Coach bags are some of the most frequently copied. Photo courtesy of Coach.

Behold! The top 10 most counterfeited items of 2010:
  1. UGGs
  2. Coach handbags and leather items
  3. Tiffany's
  4. Athletic jerseys
  5. Perfume
  6. Nike sneakers (especially Air Yeezy and Air Jordans)
  7. Ed Hardy and Juicy brands
  8. Watches (like Rolex, Omega, and Tag Heuer)
  9. North Face
  10. DVDs (especially box sets of TV series)
So, how do you know if your purchase is a fake? Many websites like UGG Australia and auction sites like eBay offer up guides and tips on how to spot counterfeits, but there are some essential ways to identify an inauthentic fashion or beauty item:
  • Labels. Be sure to know exactly what the real logo, label, and/or hang tag looks like, and check to see if they are spelled correctly, in the proper fonts, and located in the right positions on the item. Also check out the point-of-origin tag. Louis Vuitton bags are not "made in Taiwan."
  • Seams and stitching. Most designer bags are made carefully so all-over prints continue evenly around the sides. If you see something that doesn't match up properly or stitching that looks uneven or crooked, it's probably not legit.
  • Lining. Knock-offs often skimp on the interior materials to cut costs, so the real bag may be lined with suede, whereas the fake one will use cheap synthetic fabric.
  • Soles. If you're buying footwear be sure all identifying marks (ie, the designer's name and logo) match up on the bottom.
  • Details. Make sure zippers are working, threads are the right, matching color. Many brands include authenticity cards and instruction booklets with their merchandise—you can check with the company directly to find out if your purchase should have these.
  • Expiration dates. Discounted designer perfumes could be authentic, but so old that they've actually gone bad years ago.
  • Packaging. Is the item you're buying supposed to come with a dust bag or logo shoe box? If it's not included with your purchase something is wrong. And remember: just because something is sealed in plastic does not mean it's real. People have been known to fill perfume bottles with household cleaners—or even urine—and shrink-wrap them.

The majority of UGG boots sold on eBay are fake. Be extra careful when purchasing online. Photo courtesy of UGG Australia.

To avoid complications, you should try and shop from the real, licensed store whenever possible, or a reputable website. Never buy luxury items on the street or from a random site online. Search engines cannot screen for sites carrying knock-offs and the pictures you see may vary from the actual item you receive. Do some research ahead of time to know exactly what your item should look like. If a vendor only accepts cash, this is also a red flag. Keep receipts and use a credit card so you have a record of your transaction.

If along your shopping journey you do feel tempted to buy a fake item, perhaps for a good deal, don't. Counterfeits are illegal, and they are typically made under poor and unfair work conditions. They lessen the value of the brands you're essentially trying to support and negatively impact the overall global economy—the counterfeit industry removes tens of thousands of jobs and costs an estimated $600 billion of legitimate revenue a year. Not to mention you'll be missing out on the thrill of owning the real thing and have no warranty.

So when out trying to buy the real thing this holiday season, stick to authorized retailers and examine everything before you buy it. If an item looks suspicious in any way, walk away. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

With that said, let me add my $0.02 worth here... there ARE reputable sellers on eBay... like myself, hfinn, hermesgoddess, fashion*boulevard, betty*blackbentpiwykit and azalicia just to name a few off the top of my head.  If you aren't familiar with a designer and their clothing, shoes and accessories, you should take some time and go to the various stores that sell the brands/items you are interested and familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of that item(s).  The hardware, the zippers, the fabric's feel, movement, etc.  Check the size, the length, colors and how the logos are on the item, what the font looks like, etc.  The more you know, the better your chances of scoring the legitimate item when purchasing off eBay, eCrater, Bonanza, etc.  I do have a ME page on eBay that aids in giving pointers and information regarding specific brands.