Sunday, December 12, 2010

For the animal lover in you or your family - Great Stocking Stuffers

When we shop, we often do not even think of where our money goes or what the company may do or fund.   I think we should all think about it from time to time and spend our money where it matters.

I see a lot of items around the holidays large and small. But once  in awhile I'll come across something that I find unique and love to  share with my friends and now that I have the blog, can share with  everyone who comes to my blog.

No only are these so cute, unique and cool, but the money you spend here also goes straight to fund Food for Shelter Animals.  It's a WIN/WIN for everyone!

Shop where it matters:

The Animal Rescue Site - Orders Fund Food For Shelter Animals!
"Love Me, Love My Dog" Spinning Steel Ring
On Sale Was $14.95, now $4.95

The  dog lover's clever solution to fidgety fingers -- a unique ring within a  ring that is as durable as your enduring love for your pet. The subtle  purple paw pattern shows your support for animals in shelters and  sanctuaries with every spin.

"Love me, love my dog" appears  around the center band of sturdy stainless steel, with our signature  enamel purple paw print at the end. Inner band allows the engraved band  to spin freely.

Materials: stainless steel. Choose U.S. ring size  6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. For conversions to other countries' ring sizes, see  our Ring Sizes Page.

"Pets Leave Paw Prints" Heart Necklace
On Sale! Was $15.95, now $7.95!

Your  companion animals are part of your very heart and soul. Our  eye-catching pendant proclaims this happy affliction in signature style.

Custom-designed  asymmetrical heart reads "Paw prints on my heart" on one side, and on the other. A small signature purple paw  charm is attached to the extender.

Silver-tone pendant measures 1.25" L (3.2 cm) and comes on an 18" (45 cm) faux suede necklace with a 3" extender (7.6 cm).

"All My Children Have Paws" Bracelet
On Sale! Was $14.95, now $8.95!

They also ship Internationally!

For bulk pricing on these and other items, please contact our Customer Service department at

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