Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Roles That Made Some Actors Almost Quit Acting Altogether


While we all know that Ian McKellen is an amazingly talented actor.  He played loveable Gandalf in Peter Jackson’s J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy films.  Did you know that with the green screen technology and the crazy amount of CGI that got put into Tolkien's movies, Ian ended up having to do all of his scenes in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey acting alone in front of the green screen?  He did!  That meant he had no one to play off of and had to imagine how the other actors were acting.  That just goes to show you how amazingly talented Ian is.

Jessica Alba will most likely never return to the Fantastic 4 franchise, especially if directed by Tim Story.  She had a very hard time acting because of the contradictory (and downright stupid) direction she was getting from Tim.  Example:  during one scene where her character, Sue, breaks down crying, Tim directed Jessica to remain stone-faced (WHILE CRYING!!!) because it was important for her to remain pretty.  Good grief - she's crying!!!
Mike Myers almost quit the movie, Wayne’s World.  He and the head honchos were in a battle as to what song Wayne, Garth and friends were to sing in the car. Mike wanted Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but the studio execs wanted Guns N’ Roses, since they were new and hip, while Queen was too old-school. Mike said he would quit if “Bohemian Rhapsody” was not included, and the director eventually relented.  Go Mike!
During filming of the first movie in the Fast and Furious franchise, Michelle Rodriguez had a major problem with the way her character, Letty, was written. At the end of the movie, her character was suppose to betray her longtime lover, Dom, for newcomer Brian. She threatened to walk out of the movie if they didn’t change the script… she said that Letty would never pick a pretty boy over an alpha male. The producers agreed and the script was changed… which gave us a better plot leading to a more profitable franchise.
Playing Maggie in The Walking Dead has it's ups and downs.  We have seen Lauren's character, Maggie, become tougher with each season.  There was supposedly a moment in the third season when she states she almost quit. It was the scene where Maggie had to do an emergency c-section. She was very distraught with having to do this scene but in the end used her unease to the scene’s advantage. The results are very tense and well acted.
Interview With The Vampire was filmed in 1994 starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.  Brad was so disillusioned with the project that he eventually asked the producer how much it would cost him to buy himself out of his contract… the answer to which was $40 million.  Brad stated it was the 6 months of filming in the dark that broke him.  However, the price of his salvation was too high so he decided to finish the movie - which was not only a sound financial choice but he made an amazing movie.

If you don't know Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed then you are a lost cause.  The Rocky franchise was awesome and emotional!  In Rocky IV, Apollo goes up against Ivan Drago (played by Dolph Lundgren) and during filming the scene, Dolph actually threw Carl into the corner of the ring.  This infuriated Carl so much that he threw a real punch at Dolph's face.  Dolph in then punched Carl so hard that Carl was knocked out for a few minutes.  When Carl came to he was even more furious and left filming.  It took 4 days for Sylvester Stallone to convince Carl to come back to the set and finish filming.  Stallone also had a talk with Lundgren about being less aggressive on set.

(Yes she deserves 2 photos being sexy in Auburn attire - War Eagle Baby!)
Naya Rivera is one of the stars of Glee.  She has stated that she almost quit acting before landing her popular role on the musical series. Naya is half-Hispanic (like myself), one-quarter German and one-quarter black so casting people were always confused as to where she would fit (same with me).  Because of this, her roles were few and far between to the point that she almost quit acting. But then she landed her role on Glee and had a change of heart.  So glad she did!
Tippi Hedren was told that she would be attacked with mechanical birds when filming the final scene of the movie, The Birds, which turned out to be a huge lie by Hitchcock.  Hitchcock had crew members throw real birds at her. Other birds were attached to strings. Tippi lost it after a full 5 days of filming! A doctor then ordered Alfred to give her a week’s rest. In case you don’t know this or haven’t figured it out yet, Alfred was known for treating his actors badly.
Shelley Duvall was pushed to her absolute boundaries while filming The Shining. Stanley Kubrick, like Alfred Hitchcock, did not care about treating his actors well.  His scene takes were to be filmed EXACTLY as he imagined them - they would be shot and reshot until he felt it was what he saw in his head.  One scene in The Shining (where Wendy uses a baseball bat to defend herself and her son) was shot 127 times!!  Yes, 1-2-7 times… it’s still the world record for most scene takes in ANY movie.  Shelley was so stressed and sickened by the filming process, she began to lose her hair.
(Yes, I am posting 2 photos of one of my favorite actors - plus you wouldn't recognize him as dressed as Damron, the Xindi from Star Trek!! LOL)
We all know Jeffrey Dean Morgan!  He's played some memorable characters from the Comedian in The Watchman to now our favorite villain we hate to love but love anyways - NEGAN from The Walking Dead!!  What you may not know is that Jeffrey played Damron, the Xindi-Reptilian in the Star Trek Enterprise episode "Carpenter Street".  What you may not know is that the character make-up process required to be Damron nearly convinced Jeffrey to quit acting altogether.  So glad he didn't as we will see him in October playing Negan in Season 7 of The Walking Dead!  I hope he gains some of his weight back because he's sexier with some meat on his gorgeous self!!


Monday, May 9, 2016

Hi, I am currently raising capital to produce my short film synopsis.  I want to make it into a feature film or a series.  The synopsis has gotten a lot of great feedback and interest, so now I feel is the time to try to raise capital and get it produced!
I don't know if many of you know this or not, but I'm an aspiring writer (having been writing here and there for myself - and making up great stories for my oldest when he was very small), in conjunction with learning to be an assistant director, budding SFX artiest to go with my amateur HMUA status.  I've done background work for several major films and some TV series, as well as modeling.  What I want to do most is direct, write and create great stories.
Below is a little of the projects I've worked on (in front of and behind the camera) - one webseries I'm working on was documented by Beyond Geek for PBS (below) which will air in the Fall.  That was a great weekend filming a scene for Starship Deimos and to top it off being documented for all the hard work we do by this wonderful group talented people for our series was just amazing! 
In another webseries that is part of the same production company (Potemkin Pictures - fan film series), you can see me behind the camera (and I did a lot of the SFX and HMUA) in many scenes assisting with directing and helping the flow of the various scenes to bring this short webisode to life.
Please share my GoFundMe link to help me raise capital so I can get my WHEN DEATH SMILES film produced (and it will set up Aversion Films which we hope to produce some interesting stories in the future). 
Just click on WHEN DEATH SMILES to be taken to the GoFundMe page and read my film synopsis.
Everyone who contributes will be named in the credits as a contributor to making this dream film happen!

Monday, May 2, 2016

 Photo Courtesy of Treklanta. 
What is Treklanta you ask?  Well in simple terms, Treklanta was formerly known as TrekTrax Atlanta, which is an annual science fiction convention held in Atlanta, Georgia.  Treklanta is dedicated to space opera in general but in particularly (duh) Star Trek (which happened to be one of my most favorite shows growing up).  Treklanta places a special emphasis on fan-based events, activities, programming and productions - such as the small (now local) production company I'm with - Potemkin Pictures. 
Potemkin Pictures produces Project: Potemkin, Starship Tristan, Battlecruiser Kupok, Starship Deimos (which by the way I am a principal character), and the newly soon to be cast Starship Endeavor.  If you follow my Youtube, Facebook and Twitter accounts, you will no doubt see many postings of various episodes from each of these filming projects.  As well as some still shots of my handiwork in SFX, HMUA and as assistant director.
(hint - go watch! Also note that there will be an Open House for Potemkin Pictures Studios)
Potemkin Pictures Studio 3A, Pelham, Alabama 35124
Saturday, June 25 at 9 AM - 5 PM
An open house of our new "studios" in Pelham, Alabama. Come tour our sets, chat with our cast and crew, and meet your fellow fans! Completely FREE to Everyone!  Need more information?  Contact Potemkin Pictures directly here - Contact US

It's duly note that Treklanta's first three conventions held in 2011, 2012 and 2013 were exclusively devoted to - what else ...but the Star Trek franchise!!  However, in 2014, Treklanta expanded its focus to include other space opera franchises such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and Babylon 5.   Treklanta is the home of the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant and the Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards.
So why am I dedicating my very first post of May 2016 (and for entertainment) to this venue?  HELLO....  Because (1) I'm involved in a fan film production (Potemkin Pictures) on various levels from a principal actor (2 characters in Starship Deimos) to assistant director to SFX/HMUA and wardrobe and (2) for Potemkin Pictures having several episodes nominated for awards - with my good friend William C. Searcy, a very talented stage actor, who was also the writer and featured actor of the newly award-winning "Starship Tristan: Moving Day", which won "Best Short Film" at the 2nd annual Independent Star Trek Fan Film Festival presented at Treklanta! I have to give props to my people!!
Photo Courtesy of Treklanta. Winners present to accept their awards. 
Note:  William C. Searcy is the third guy, the tall one, with a full beard!

So without further yapping... I will give you the Press Release from Treklanta as was given to me!
Photo Courtesy of Treklanta.. 
April 18, 2016
2016 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards Winners Announced
ATLANTA—The 2016 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards were presented at and by Treklanta on April 17, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia.
The 17 films selected for review were released during calendar year 2015 and met a short list of eligibility requirements as established by Treklanta.  They include Battlecruiser Kupok, “Battle of Alawanir;” Dreadnought Dominion, “Anchors Aweigh” and “Haunted;” Project: Potemkin, “We Few...,” “Frazier's Angels,” “The Chair,” “Third Watch,” “Do No Harm” and “Ladies Night Out;” Star Trek Continues, “The White Iris” and “Divided We Stand;” Star Trek: Eye of the Tempest; Star Trek: Intrepid, “Transposition;” Star Trek: Natures Hunger, “The Starfleet Screw Up,” “Why Toto Can't Join Starfleet” and “Scorned at the Captain's Table;” Star Trek: Renegades, “Pilot;” and Starship Tristan, “Moving Day.”
The panel of judges included Diana Dru Botsford, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Ken Feinberg, Matthew M. Foster, Andrew Greenberg, David Orange, Emmett Plant and Rick Sternbach.  The Masters of Ceremonies were Eric L. Watts and Brian Holloway.  The presenters included this year’s Treklanta Guests of Honor Carel Struycken, Tracee Lee Cocco, Jack Stauffer and John & Bjo Trimble.
The finalists in each of the 13 categories included in the competition were announced on the Awards’ Facebook page in early April.  The winners announced at Treklanta are:
Star Trek: Renegades, “Pilot”
Bing Bailey, Roland Baron, Keith Beltramini, Matt Boardman, Chris Dawson, Keaira Finlay, Justin Gates, Adrianne Grady, Marc Hampson, Tommy Kraft, Gina Lockhart, Jon Macht, Jose L. Marin, Julie McCartney, Kevin Quattro, Tobias Richter, Ali Ries, Michael Struck, Ronnie Ursenbach, Yoshi Vu, Jesse Woodward
Star Trek: Renegades, “Pilot”
Ralph M. Miller, Tom Haigh, Adrianne Grady
Star Trek Continues, “The White Iris”
Andy Farber, George Duning, Gerald Fried,
Ivan Ditmars, Vic Mignogna
Star Trek: Renegades, “Pilot”
Rick L. Baker, Jacqueline Goehner, Lisa Hansell, Kwame Head, Corina Hernandez, Ryan T. Husk, Jyll King, Ana Laverde, Christy Maurer, Monique Paredes, Tommy Pietch, Calli Rammel, Vyvy Tran, Tim Vittetoe, Cody J. Wilkins, Aubriana Zurilgen
Star Trek: Renegades, “Pilot”
Deborah Hartwell, Jodi Freeman, Chen Chheav Ly
Star Trek: Renegades, “Pilot”
Scott Nakada
Colin Baker
“Amphidamas,” Star Trek Continues
Michele Specht
“Dr. Elise McKennah,” Star Trek Continues
Todd Haberkorn
“Mr. Spock,” Star Trek Continues
Tim Russ
Star Trek: Renegades, “Pilot”
Star Trek: Renegades, “Pilot”
Ethan H. Calk, Sky Douglas Conway, Jack TreviƱo
Starship Tristan
“Moving Day”
Star Trek Continues
“The White Iris”
The award plaques presented were sponsored by Alec Peters and Axanar Productions.
For more information about the Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards, please visit or find us on Facebook at and
Eric L. Watts
Chairman, Treklanta

Treklanta Chairman Eric L. Watts, Jack Stauffer (Battlestar Galactica), William C. Searcy (Starship Tristan), Tracee Lee Cocco (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Bjo Trimble, John G. Trimble, Carel Struycken (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Patrick Stew... uh, no; Brian Holloway, Treklanta Director of Star Trek Programming.  Photo Courtesy of Treklanta.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Beauty on the Cheap

It seems every where you look online and in magazines, you see so much ooohing and ahhhing about each and every luxury beauty treatment and product out there.  The harsh reality of the matter is, that these are things you and I - your every day, average working woman (or man) honestly can't afford or in most cases, even have access to locally.  As a single mom, I'm not about to spend $50 on a tube of lipstick that I may or may not wear a lot because I know it will blow my budget to do such a thing.
First of all you have to note that your skin is the foundation for how great a beauty product will look on you.  So put your best skin out there first before putting your best face forward.
Skin care is the ultimate beauty treatment you can give yourself.
Witch Hazel - it's inexpensive and it works especially for acne.  You can buy it by the bottle ($1-$3) or you can find it in a towelette form ($5).  Sweat causes bacteria to build up - and witch hazel will break it up and help stop acne from forming.  In 30 days you should see an improvement in your skin with daily use.
Sleep - yes a good night's sleep is the best skin healing time ever.  Women need more sleep per several studies done recently.  If you use your night creams with retinols and moisture you will see a vast improvement in 30-60 days.  ROC has great products for night time use.
Wash your face!  Cleaning your face doesn't mean scrubbing the skin - often those irritate and cause more breakouts.  Use a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil ($15).  It's gentle for every skin type.  If you're using other products for hyperpigmentation and brightening your skin, this will be your best facial wash.  HOWEVER, IF you have DRY flaky skin on your face - STOP! Using your rinse-off cleanser immediately.  While it sounds crazy, water can actually dry out your already flaky skin.  Use a cleanser that you wipe off (not rinse off) which limits the amount of water on your skin.  Use a cleanser that has micellar water (Micellar Lotion Cleanser and Makeup Remover, $20) or an oil cleanser for added hydration.  Do this at night and skip the morning wash.  Spritz rosewater toner (Younique has a great one) before you moisturize.
  • Scars - generally speaking Bio-Oil ($20) is your go to all around skin care product from FACE to TOES.  It claims it can diminish scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone, as well as signs of aging and dehydrated skin.  Honestly, this stuff is more effective than many products twice its price and that's the word from so many of my friends that I'm grabbing a bottle this weekend and will update on how well it works on my different skin issues.
  • Acne Scars.  While the only permanent ways to eradicate are to have treatments with lasers and Retin-A but let's be realistic here - that's very costly!  However, you can use some at home products that do a really damn good job of minimizing them!  Clean & Clear uses a well known acne-fighting ingredient called salicylic acid to help treat break outs and lessen their marks ($9).
  • Acne.  Don't touch your face!  Cell phones and fingers contribute to acne prone skin because they're generally dirty.  You don't even think about how much you touch things and then your face depositing that bacteria and dirt right on your skin.  Same with your cell phone - your dirty little fingers texting away and scrolling the screen then a call comes in or your call someone and bam! That nasty phone screen is touching your face!  Don't exfoliate when you have acne as you only aggravate the skin even more.  Use a topical serum for exfoliation with clean fingers, which allows cellular turnover to happen without scrubbing off your skin.
  • Purifying your skin doesn't take extensive trips to the spa.  You can purchase Purifying Bio Enzymes Mask, $12 (1 packet per box) and let it do its magic while you sleep.  Note that there is usually some serum in the packet so save that in an airtight small container or place in a storage baggy in it's original packet.  When you have enough saved up - you can create your own mask with the round peel apart cotton pads.  Just press (not rub) the serum into your face and cover with the cotton pads (if you want a little boost - a light light spritz of witch hazel or rosewater toner on the pads before applying over serum).
  • Wrinkles - Sunscreen!  Can't say it enough - sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscree - even in winter - all year round - will help improve the elasticity and help ward off sun damage.  Believe it or not, the sun is magnified through your car windows so even in winter it can damage and age your skin!
  • Oily skin - Avoid any product for your hair or face that contains sulfates, parabens, phthalates, triclosan, PEGs, and synthetic fragrances.  Sulfates can strip your skin of oil which will cause your skin to overproduce oil making your skin even oilier and more acne prone.
  • Dry Skin - use something thick and moisturizing to help calm your skin after exfoliating to give it some extra hydration.  A good and reasonably priced one is called Moisturizing Moon Mask, $22
  •  Fine Lines - There are three (3) things skin with fine lines need - Moisturize, Peptides and retinol.  Oil of Olay will moisturize and contains peptides.  It will take roughly 8 weeks to notice any difference in your skin with 2x daily uses.
  • Swimming - chlorine will dry your skin out.  Make sure you WASH your skin thoroughly with a mild cleanser to remove all traces of chlorine.  Apply a good moisturizer after.
  • Facial Tools - CLEAN your beauty brushes and sponges!  Especially your foundation and concealer brushes to remove dirty, grime and bacteria and old make-up.  Your foundation brushes should be cleaned after each use.
  • Dermarolling.  You can do this at home IF you know what size gauge micro needle you need for your skin.  You can get a Professional Derma Roller in various needle sizes at Flawless Beauty & Skin (Professional 540 Needle Derma Roller & Micro Needling Therapy System-For Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Acne Scars $22).*
Beauty Box Monthlies!  These allow us all to enjoy samples (many in full size bottles) without the actual commitment of spending a lot of money upfront.  Subscription prices range from $10 a month and up.  There are various ones you can sign up for - including Wal-Mart and Target!
  1. Beauty Box 5 - has monthly subscription for $12, quarterly subscription for $30 or an annual subscription for $99.  The appealing mix of luxury, drugstore, and vegan brands, such as Rosebud Perfume Co., Supergoop, and Priti NYC.
  2. Birch Box - has monthly subscription for $10 or an annual subscription for $110.  Four or five deluxe samples from an eclectic mix of luxury and niche brands, like Nars, Stila, and Weleda, plus one nonbeauty product, all delivered monthly in a recyclable brown box (the website offers clever tips for how to reuse it).
  3. Look Fantastic - has monthly subscription of $22.50, quarterly subscription for $60, 6 month subscription for $111 or an annual subscription for $204
  4. Sample Society by Beauty Bar - has a monthly subscription for $15.  This kit has deluxe-size samples from high-end brands, such as StriVectin, Erno Laszlo, DDF, Deborah Lippmann, Oscar de la Renta, and more, delivered in a reusable charcoal gray box each month. Plus, it includes a booklet of beauty tips from Allure editors (a.k.a. us), a subscription to Allure, and a $15 coupon for, good if you spend $50 and at least one of your purchases is from a brand in your kit.
  5. Glossy Box - has monthly subscription for $21, six months for $115 or an annual subscription for $220. NOTE:  No cancellations allowed - you pay for six months or a year. Deluxe samples from brands like Illamasqua, Caswell-Massey, and Figs & Rouge, an organic beauty line from the U.K., with occasional non-cosmetic bonus products, delivered in a stylish box.
  6. IPSY - has monthly subscription for $10 or an annual one for $110.  A reusable makeup bag with four or five deluxe samples and full-size products from companies such as Urban Decay, Tarte, and Philosophy every month. Each kit has a theme—nighttime, holiday—and the products are chosen so they go together; that look is demonstrated in a video, some of which feature makeup artist Michelle Phan.
  7. Beauty Army - has monthly subscription for $12 or an annual for $132.  You can skip a month if you like as well as cancel any time.  Every month, you choose six samples from a menu of nine hard-to-find brands, like Skyn Iceland, Lucy B. organic makeup, and Lipsi cosmetics.
  8. Boxy Charm - a monthly subscription of $21. You will get 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).
  9. Target Beauty Box - $5 and sells out very quickly.  Each box comes with an info card and a Target coupon good for $3 off a beauty purchase of $15 or more. (Tip: Save these when you can to use on future Target Beauty Boxes!)  I've gotten in on 2 of these deals as I often forget.
  10. Essence Beauty Box - is geared toward women of color.  Monthly subscription is $15, Six months is $75 and an annual is $150 (paid up front at once).  You get 5 products handpicked by Essence which range from hair care, beauty, and lifestyle products.
  11. Mash Maven - is dedicated to just facial masks.  A monthly subscription is $15 + $3.95 ($18.95) but you can save with 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.  Each box has 9 to 11 masks of all kinds from Korea.  Most are sheet masks but you often get a mask for your hair, hand, feet, eyes or lips as well.
  12. BB Bag - is dedicated to Asian beauty products. A monthly subscription is $24 but you can save with 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.  Each box has 6 to 8 full size products: make-up, skincare, beauty tools, body care, hair care and lifestyle products.  Retail ranges from $65-$90 per BB Bag.
  13. Square Hue - is a monthly nail polish subscription box averaging $16 to $21 per month.  You receive 2 to 2 bottles per month.  They create their own colors in-house for every box, donate a portion of their sales to charity, and give each box a theme.
  14. Gentleman's Box - Yes, we have a beauty box just for MEN!  $25 per month or $275 annually (use MSATRY10 to get the first box for $10).  This box provides essential elements suited for today's man.  You receive 4 to 6 hand-selected products, accompanied by a one year subscription to GQ magazine (US & Canada only). Products range from grooming supplies to wardrobe accessories.
  15. Net-A-Porter Beauty - This is a bit more upscale but a splurge once a year even is worth this awesome box.  It's not a monthly box or even a quarterly box.  It's just whenever they put one together.  $55 per kit and comes with 12 products from their skincare, haircare, nail and make-up edition.  Includes rejuvenating face mask to glamorous lipstick in a convenient travel-size box.
  16. Walmart Beauty Box - $5 per box - you're only paying for the shipping.  It's only 4x a year (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter).  The products you get are more than the costs as you get full size or small (not sample) size products.  I just ordered mine today.
  17. Walgreen's Beauty Box - it's FREE for Rewards members.  You have to spend $30 or more on beauty products AND use your Walgreens Balance Rewards card, you get a special code that allows you to get one of three beauty sample boxes for free.
  18. TestTube Box - $29.99 per box and they ship only (6) times a year.  You will receive a TestTube filled with deluxe and full-size products from the hottest beauty brands. You will also receive a subscription to NewBeauty magazine, delivered quarterly.
  19. Eco-Emi Box - $15 per month.  You receive 5 to 8 samples of natural, organic, green, eco-friendly, cruelty free, vegan, vegetarian or Fair Trade products to your door wrapped in chic earth friendly packaging.
  20. Julep Maven - one of the easiest. most flexible subscriptions ever.  You can personally customize your monthly box, send it to a friend, or even skip a month.  $19.99 per month.
  21. Beauty Fix - monthly subscriptions are $25 but if you just want one box without the subscription it's $35.  You'll receive 4-6 full or deluxe travel size samples, all curated by skin experts in professional grade and hard to find spa exclusives.  Value of the box is $100+ and you get free shipping.
  22. Klutch Club - a monthly subscription is $20, quarterly is $54, six months is $114 and an annual subscription is $192. You get 7 to 10 of the best healthy snacks, beverages, and lifestyle items straight to your door. Every product we feature is carefully selected by our team of experts led by nutritionist Heather Bauer.
  23. Good Being - subscriptions are monthly ($21), three months ($60), six months ($114) and annual ($216).  Good Being is a premium discovery & trial service providing expertly curated, healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural wellness & sustainable, toxin-free living goods.  Members receive 6-7 trial sized, healthy beauty, beauty related wellness & personal care products that range in size from 1-2 use packets to several use travel size.
  24. Curl Box - $20 per month - cancel any time.  This is for curly haired gals!  You get between 4 to 7 samples of the top hair products for curly hair.
*The rage right now is having spa treatments of "Micro Needling or dermarolling to the tune of $300-$600 a treatment - and it takes more than one treatment to even see any results.  What is dermarolling you ask?  Dermarolling uses a small roller with fine micro needles rolled over the skin. This causes micro punctures which more than not leads to a puffy (sometimes swollen) red face.  It  is supposed to help with acne scarring and general skin damage. Once pricked, new collagen rushes to the damaged areas and creams/serums that are applied to the area are able to be more easily absorbed which in turn is meant to help you get a better skin tone.  Many with thin skin consider it an alternative to the expensive laser treatments or harsh peels that they can't have.