Monday, May 9, 2016

Hi, I am currently raising capital to produce my short film synopsis.  I want to make it into a feature film or a series.  The synopsis has gotten a lot of great feedback and interest, so now I feel is the time to try to raise capital and get it produced!
I don't know if many of you know this or not, but I'm an aspiring writer (having been writing here and there for myself - and making up great stories for my oldest when he was very small), in conjunction with learning to be an assistant director, budding SFX artiest to go with my amateur HMUA status.  I've done background work for several major films and some TV series, as well as modeling.  What I want to do most is direct, write and create great stories.
Below is a little of the projects I've worked on (in front of and behind the camera) - one webseries I'm working on was documented by Beyond Geek for PBS (below) which will air in the Fall.  That was a great weekend filming a scene for Starship Deimos and to top it off being documented for all the hard work we do by this wonderful group talented people for our series was just amazing! 
In another webseries that is part of the same production company (Potemkin Pictures - fan film series), you can see me behind the camera (and I did a lot of the SFX and HMUA) in many scenes assisting with directing and helping the flow of the various scenes to bring this short webisode to life.
Please share my GoFundMe link to help me raise capital so I can get my WHEN DEATH SMILES film produced (and it will set up Aversion Films which we hope to produce some interesting stories in the future). 
Just click on WHEN DEATH SMILES to be taken to the GoFundMe page and read my film synopsis.
Everyone who contributes will be named in the credits as a contributor to making this dream film happen!

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