Thursday, September 16, 2010

When "Fashion" Isn't For Real Life or Is It?

Have you ever looked at something and wonder WTH?!!  You pick it up, you turn it this way and that way and wonder who would wear it.  Or better yet, you see it in a magazine or on the runway and wonder, where would someone wear that?  That's where today's blog comes in.  I was reviewing some of the designers unveilings at Fashion Week and came upon Betsey Johnson.  Reason I am talking about Betsey today is because I recently sold one of her beautiful black battenburg dresses.

As I fumble my way through the many photo galleries of the recent events at Fashion Week, I see a ton of beautiful clothing, lots of celebrities and lots of parties.  These are all the glamourous upsides of Fashion Week.  I never did get an invite to attend any fashion shows when I was in traveling here and there modeling.  I was a lowly commercial model.  A mere unknown crumb in the big world of fashion and photography.

Regardless of who you are, what walk of life you hail from, everyone can appreciate (or scrutinize) fashion and all the accoutroments that follows.  Here is where I come full circle and get back on track of my initial thought processes - the scrutiny of it really for real life (every day life) or is it just to exhaust the turmoil within a designer's head?  To release the junk/bunk to let the really beautiful stuff find it's way out of the choas? 

We all know that Fashion Week is to show off the newest collections.  The latest trends that will hit the stores (and streets) in the upcoming season.  As well as showcase some of the designers' more "nutty/creative" side...those WTH were they thinking stuff. 

Unfortunately, some people believe that the "nutty/creative" side is really to be worn in every day life.  Don't believe me?  Just check out the POW (people of walmart) website... every city, every state has a true believer wearing a "nutty/creative/WTF were they thinking" fashion.  LOL.

But back to my initial opening statement - of when fashion isn't for real life and back to Betsey.  She's creative to say the least.  She make some truly beautiful the battenburg dress I recently sold on eBay:

 ©Tel's Closet 2010

or this Betsey Johnson battenburg beauty on eBay (if I can find the extra $$ it will be mine):

But she can also create some of the most outlandish crazy costumes as well.  I call them costumes because seriously, where would one wear such items?  Come on.  Really? Seriously?   I don't think so...not for every day life.  But she needed a release from all the creative processes that fill up her head.   That's my story...because honestly, I would hate to think she's hit the wall and can't create any more.

Upon reviewing her new line, I had a feeling she was nostalgic for the 80s as her collection was definitely a mixture of Max Max (Thunderdome), Rocky Horror Picture Show (check out the hair styles), Fame, Best Little Whore House in Texas (with Dolly & Burt), Cat House (the HBO show & real life whore house in Nevada), Mardi Gras, a variety of 80s proms, Sailor Moon, any and all random stripper houses (check out the stripper shoes) and a bit of the Pussy Cat Dolls thrown in. 

Seriously, it was just a neon, glitter, paint  fest mess with the leotards, leg warmers, gold spandex bike shorts, "Ride Me" rhinestone necklaces, stripper shoes, chains with padlocks, skate boards and bicycles to name just a few of the items. 

Let's not overlook that some of the outfits seemed downright perfect for Halloween.  So in reality, there really was no better time to unveil her collection to the public than a month before the Trick-or-Treat date so you can run right out and grab yourself an authentic Betsey Johnson Halloween costume!!

If this doesn't scream Max Max meets Fame I don't know what will:

Your designer Halloween costume awaits (don't know what you'd be but these are great Halloween costumes)


As stated before, I really love Betsey Johnson's line but what you see in the runway slide show (below) belies some of the beauty that she creates!

Check out all the creative craziness in its entirety right here at Betsey Johnson.

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  1. I like what Betsey brings to the stores.Her runway lines leave a little to be desired. I really haven't seem much difference in her last couple of shows. It's all glitter, spandex, and LOTS of skin. lol

  2. I totally agree. I don't mind seeing the crazy creative side but at least show stuff that WE WILL be able to wear out in public without looking like we're certifiable. LOL

  3. Nice job! Best of luck with it all. I Know one day you will have your own line.
    All The best
    Ps. What did you think Lady Gaga's VMA outfit?