Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog Virgin

Well hello everyone.  Tel's Closet is a blog virgin no more as we step into the virtual world of "blogging" with uncertainty. Yep, intrepidation to say the least is giving us a little shake in our fashionable boots so to speak.

Oh my, where are my manners?!!!  Before I get side tracked any more, let me rewind and interject my southern hospitality and WELCOME you to Tel's Closet and our blog.  We have great plans here - and we hope you to make you feel right at home (or at least in a fashionable virtual home).  We hope to make Tel's Closet's blog a place where you can read up on anything and everything - a lot of it will be related to fashion, the fashion industry and some of our visual points of view. 

Now now now, stop rolling your eyes and take your finger off that back button.  We know there are literally thousands of "fashion" blogs out there.  So what makes our's unique?  So glad you asked.  Well to be honest, nothing at this moment.  That's right - NOTHING AT THE MOMENT.  But just stick around and you'll discover that there's more to us than meets the eye.

We’re still figuring out this blogging thing (in terms of content).  But our main goal is to use this space to inform everyone of when particular fabulous things come through our door.  After that we're here to just gab about trends, show you how to copy a certain look without breaking your wallet  and who’s wearing what, both celebrity wise and the regular gal/guy on the streets as well as great bargains on items (fashion, technology, etc.).  Oh oh oh oh and last but not least, to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with US here at Tel's Closet - our growth from a small internet/e-commerce business to a real brick & mortar store, to hopefully one day fulfilling our dream of developing our own line.

We do take consignments - no matter where you live.  We are fair and we are honest.  So if you're needing to consignment some items, please do contact us and we'll see if we can do business.  If not, please do check out our items at Tel's Closet Bonanzle and Tel's Closet eBay

With the trying economic times, Tel's Closet strives it's best to offer everyone great deals on brand name and designer clothing, shoes and accessories.  We believe everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and wearing something new (or at least new to us/you) makes us all feel good and a little better about life in general.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the view as we hope to (at least at some point) bedazzle you, wow you, amaze you and surprise you. 

hugs, kisses and fashionable attire

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