Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Update - Balman X & H&M Price List

Okay so my last post was about the beautiful clothing line collaboration between Balmain X and H & M stores.  This is the update with PRICING... and as stated, it is not a reasonably sound pricing scale for those of us average beings who typically look for the H&M pricing on designer goods from collaborations with top designers.  These prices rival Sak's 5th Avenue, Gus Mayer, Bergdorf Goodman, and the likes.  Ouch these prices hurt my heart as I truly want a lot of these pieces in my closet as I'm a gal who likes to wear things that isn't the norm or average (I don't like dressing like everyone else so I will mix and match new and older items to create a unique look that's ME).
Well let me say for the record there are a FEW things we mere average people of the populace can purchase and then there are some that are in the range of a small efficiency apartment in some areas - prices range from $17.99 to $800 per item!!  From what I understand NOT all the pieces will be available as some are limited editions and won't be in the 44 stores that are slated to receive and sell the Balmain X line.
I will give you the run down on pricings for a lot of the line.
Rings - $17.99

Coiled Necklace $99 and Cuff $79.99     
Earrings $34.99



 Metal Belt $199 and Matching Cuff $59.99
(Thin Black $59.99 / Green $99 / Black & Gold $129) 

(Gold Toe Boot $249 / Tall Boot $349)
(Black & Gold Sandals $199 / Beaded Bootie (no price given)

Green Bag $299
Red Bag $199 / Jeweled Bag $149



Red or Blue Pouches $34.99
Backpack - $299
Sunglasses or Earbuds $49.99

Scarf $49.99 and Knit Beanie $17.99 

Bandeau Bras $24.99

 Black Goldtone Button Jackets $99 & $249



Beaded Coat $499 and Black Jacket $149

White Blazer $149 and Sleeveless Blazer $129

 Peacoat $199 and Black Coat $149
 Pearl Blazer $549 and Motorcycle Jacket $299

 Red Fuzzy Coat $129 and Green Fuzzy Coat $149


Green $199 and Crested Dress $549



Purple $499 and Black $299

Black Faux Wrap $199 and Green Print Dress $149

Tribal (Limited) $649 and Trekkie $69.99

Black Print $149

Corded $129 (blue, yellow & black)
Blouses $99 and Pearl Blouse $129


Sweaters $129    

Striped Shirt $69.99 and Pants $99
Black & White Shirt $59.99 and Skirt $59.99
Leather Pants $399
Printed Pants $129
Black Silk Pants or Red Silk Skirt $99
BALMAIN FRANCE T-Shirts $34.99


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