Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Deal 11/27 through 12/01

Black Friday Deals are popping up every where.  What is being overlooked are the little stocking stuffers that every gal (or guy) needs - those little items that are great for skin and beauty that is organic, all natural, mineral based which are also gluten free and paraben free.

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Who doesn't want to look their best at all those holiday parties - and New Year's Eve parties that we all know you want to dazzle and stand out from the crowd.

Younique is offering an amazing #blackfriday deal on their #cosmetics and #beauty products.

For every $150 you spend, you get a FREE lip stain (not available for purchase) and as always, when you spend $100 or more, you get Free Shipping.  What is amazing about Younique is that they have a Try It and Love It Guarantee.  Meaning if you don't love it within the first 14 days, you can return for a full refund, no questions asked.  You can't lose with this type of deal!!!

Order Online at:  Love Your Lashes 

Black Friday online special good thru Dec 1st is this exclusive beauty bundle kit for $75USD, $90CA, $98AU, $104NZ & $49UK.  It is a 40% savings.  Includes Illuminate, Clean or Clear (choose one), Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powder (choose one), Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes (fastest selling mascara on the market), and a 3-piece eye brush set.  Note that the #3Dfiberlash mascara and #Illuminate together retail for $70!!  This is a heck of a deal!!

 The ‪#‎3D‬ fiber lash and Illuminate together retail for $70!!

Through the end of November, when you spend $150, you get a ‪#‎FREE‬ Stiff Upper Lip stain (not available for retail sale).

 Order Online at:  Love Your Lashes

How can you get this FREE lip stain?  Well you can get it numerous ways:
  • Purchase two (2) kits for $150 (retail is $267) - get the FREE lip stain and FREE shipping.
  • Purchase one (1) ‪#‎kit‬ for $75, plus 3 extra ‪#‎mascaras‬ as gifts/stocking stuffers - get the FREE lip stain & free shipping. 
  • Purchase one (1) kit and the Divine & Uplift (then you'll have a perfect skin care regimen) - get the FREE lip stain and FREE shipping.
  •  Purchase $150 worth of any Younique products - get the FREE lip stain and FREE shipping.
Supplies are running out so don't miss this exclusive Lip Stain that ends Sunday, November 30, 2014.

 Order Online at:  Love Your Lashes 

The ‪#‎3DFiberLashmascara‬ has experienced the fastest growth of any beauty product on the market. It is an all time favorite with everyone who has tried it, including professional models and celebrities (as I posted in my last blog post)

You have absolutely NOTHING to loose with Younique's Try it & Love It Guarantee.

 Order Online at:  Love Your Lashes 

So with this kind of deal, what is your reasoning for not falling in love today with the good for you/your skin beauty products that are all natural, chemical free, paraben free and organic?

 Order Online at:  Love Your Lashes
 Order Online at:  Love Your Lashes 

 Order Online at:  Love Your Lashes 

As always, this seller has a repeat buyer rewards and a referral rewards  program.

Order Online at:  Love Your Lashes

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