Sunday, December 16, 2012

Perdue Whole Roast Chicken

Food can be very fashionable - especially when it's simple, delicious and easy.

Perdue has come out with a line called Perdue Oven Ready Roasters.  These are pre-seasoned and presealed.  All you have to do it purchase, place in roasting pan and put into oven... and voila!  It's perfectly seasoned, tender and oh so delicious!

You buy it in the fresh meat department, so it's not processed.  While I love trying new things, I'm always a skeptic for pre-seasoned meats - most times they're just over seasoned, over bearing in flavored or fail to deliver/falls short on the company's promise.

Perdue has delivered on everything - flavor, tenderness, freshness and ease of roasting/baking.

I can say without a doubt I'll be purchasing this product a lot.  My picky soon to be 3 year old and super picky 21 year old both had seconds.  What little that was left over, my little asked for the next day, including asking for seconds.

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