Thursday, January 20, 2011

I want to apologize

I have been so busy with real life stuff that I've not had time to come and post anything for the holidays or for this year.

I am terribly sorry and I have not just thrown this budding blog to the wayside.  No sireee.

It is just that I am swamped with work and end of the year reports and closing year end reports and files and opening new files and setting up the system for all this year's upcoming work.  As well as trying to finalize all the documents for my business license, setting up my e-commerce website, procurring new retail accounts, etc.

I promise that I should have all wrapped up / caught up at work within the next week or two.  Definitely no later than the 31st of January.  Just hang in there and it will all come together and be a bit more timely and smoothly done.


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